Visual Services: film art technology 8mm 16mm 35mm 70mm Slides, Looping-Systems, CRT-Projectors
la vÉritÉ 24 fois par seconde. Jean-luc godard (*1930)

We are driven by your vision. Therefore, Olaf Saeger Filmkunsttechnik offers you a full range of services focused the presentation of art works using film, from the letting of the equipment to the total concept including the scheduling, the installation of the equipment and the local management of your event. We specialize in the use of 16mm film but also are fully equipped for 8mm (N8/S8), 9,5mm, 16mm (also Super16), 35mm and 70mm. To give your individual ideas the chance of being realized with precision, we have developed new audiovisual technologies. Special constructions for endless playback of films (“loopers” up to 60 Minutes).
By request we do work too with digital media.
Please contact us to speak to a member of our staff, we are happy to assist you.